Literacy for All, and no one left behind

Literacy for all, no one left behind

Literacy for life is one of the best quote I have ever met a couple years ago. I myself already love literacy when I was in the junior high school. One of the class I enjoyed it is writing class. Basically, we have to read and rewrite what we have in mind in a short article and we have to put at the Wall magazine (‘majalah dinding in Bahasa). We have to submit out writing to the committee and they will decide to post it or not. It was so challenging to me because we had a little bit competition with others.


At the time, I also submitted poem instead of longer writing like opinion or an article. The reason why I love writing poetry is due to its quote simple, we need short time to finis 3-5 poems. Another thing is because we got the idea in very spontaneous.  This literacy tradition basically was not well developed in my country that is why so many communities and literacy activist today struggle in many ways. Some choose to build it in the educational institution, some others choose in very informal basis. This article Is going to talk about informality in the literacy movement.


After graduating from my senior high school, I then move to Jogjakarta province to get the higher education in gadjah mada university. In the place, I learnt so many things. I enjoyed this process of independent learning out of the campus. For example, I went to book store and we could read freely, I went to the private libraries in this city, and participated in so many book discussion which were happening in every single days in Yogyakarta, the city of education. Finally, I then contributed in the literacy movement by creating community what we call “Rumah Baca Komunitas”.


By getting involved in this movement, I have so many networks and friend around the world. Not only from my own country, but I have friend from Netherland, Australia, Malaysia, and so on. This movement is quite valuable to me and hopefully for many people in Indonesia. We absolutely need to build learning society as the foundation of this future’s nation. Doubtless, this is urgent call to invited everybody to support and participate in this literary movement. Like what Dauzan Farook, senior activist of literary movement from Yogyakarta ever said, ‘every single people can be an literary activist and mobilize books for the people in many way’.



Bringing books to the street is one of the type of literary movement today in Indonesian nationwide. Based on report in the national newspaper, Kompas, there are about 800 right community-based library in Indonesia.  There several forum of literacy activists in Indonesia like Pustaka bergerak, Serikat Taman Pustaka, Forum Taman Baca Masyarakat, Gerakan Indonesia membaca, and so on, and so forth. This growing number of the literary movement is quote obvious and this accelerate the knowledge distribution in the short term and to the social transformation in the long one.


Of course, this optimistic movement create the nation which is great in the knowledge and this very important to build the state capacity in the era of global competition. People must be aware about it not only to say education for all but we also need to say literacy for all. So, in the near future no one left behind. No one, cannot access books and knowledge.

Ketua serikat Taman Pustaka, salah seorang pegiat Rumah Baca Komunitas (gerakan literasi). Pegiat Urban Literacy Campaign untuk komunitas. Belum lama ini membuat “huru hara” di Yogja dengan hastag #gerakanmembunuhjogja.

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